What is affiliate marketing?

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What is affiliate marketing? Affiliate marketing is regarded as one of the most popular and effective methods for product and service placement. It is primarily used in various Internet-dependent areas of focus such as websites, forums, and search engines. Such programs are run by large agencies or offered as part of the relevant department of larger companies to interested parties. As it can take many forms and rely on different approaches often this also becomes one of the main sources of income to publishers. Find out more about this practice in this article prepared by the Howtohosting Guide team.

How Does Affiliate Marketing Work

This type of marketing refers to the practice of having a certain product, service, or brand, advertised on other Internet platforms. This is primarily done by setting up banners, ads, text ads, or interactive fields that point to the given service. When speaking in marketing terms there are four distinct positions that can be taken by “players” in this regard:

  • Merchant — This is the primary advertiser who sets off the campaigns and provides opportunities for advertisers and partners;
    • Network — This is a platform service that is commonly used as the middle ground between providers and publishers that wish to form partnerships with them. Through this platform, the setup and payments are organized and delivered;
      • Publisher — This is the actual affiliate platform. It can be a portal, landing site, or a blog;
        • Customer — This is the end-client that interacts with the publisher and through it comes in contact with the merchant.

          The process is quite simple, a merchant (advertiser) that is the owner or representative of service, brand, or product reaches out to a certain network. This network, in most cases, holds a registered list of publishers (partners) that are ready to take on new opportunities. Via this service communication between the two parties is done and if an agreement is reached the affiliate will provide the necessary instructions and code that is to be placed on the site to start the promotion of the desired service. What is affiliate marketing?

          Over the years with the exponential growth of new social media channels, and more and more specialized blogs, beginner “players” in this field can turn to affiliate marketing agencies or specialized vendors which have joined the game. They may be very effective in providing instructions and tips on how to increase the revenue by blogging or using other publishing methods.

          How to become an affiliate marketer?

          Probably the easiest step to is to identify the type of websites and companies that you would wish to advertise through your own blog or Internet service. This is easily done by performing a Google Search with topics on which you blog regularly. This will identify the top niche industry performers and allow you to have an overview of how this specific part of the industry is organized.

          Before you move on it is important that you have optimized your content and design by performing the best SEO practices, most platforms may check on the search engine ranking and other parameters before they allow you to join in certain brands. By going to the big businesses and searching for the associated programs option or navigating to an independent agency or portal, you will have to register and provide the requested information.

          Depending on the individual assessment length and procedure there might be a small delay before access to the full list of possible choices is given. Through the specialized portal, there will be rates and commission, as well as implementation instructions that have to be followed. When an affiliate partnership is selected the administrators will have to follow the prescribed steps and integrate the given content onto their sites and services. Payment is usually done through the platform.

          Affiliate Marketing Tips

          While this type of advertising is very popular, many experienced site owners will say that it’s certainly not an easy job to do. Directing the visitors (potential customers) to the affiliate content may not be very easy and it can involve the rewriting of articles, placing special sections and videos, and so on.

          For this reason, it is important to stay focused on your niche — the build-up of the audience and relevant content (in which you have embedded the tracking codes) will provide results in time. It would be good to post regularly to keep interested in returning visitors and attempt to drive conversion out of them. The returning visitors (customers) are regarded as most important, as they have developed a trust in the site.

          Website editors and content writers should know that the most effective strategy is to focus on the trends. Get to know the niche that you are building content in and try to always stay updated with the latest happenings. This may include updating older articles, creating follow-ups, posting videos, and so on. All of this will depend on your own content growth strategy.

          Always provide a rich mix of social media influx by building profiles on all popular platforms, as this is also a powerful way to boost your traffic. Opportunity providers tend to get the most out of sites and portals that deliver daily fresh content — information that can rank high in the search engines and delivers new and useful data.

          Focus on the visual as well: interactive multimedia or infographics are much appreciated as they are also an opportunity to embed in the link codes. Over time website administrators will be able to figure out their own marketing growth strategy for optimal payments influx.


          While this type of marketing is usually hard to master, it can provide adequate resources to support just about any project in the long-term. When mastered correctly it can also be self-sufficient for a longer period of time. Most specialists say that when it comes to this type of advertising the time spent on the preparation will be rewarded multiple times if done correctly. For this reason, it remains one of the most recommended ways to earn money online.

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