Web Push Notifications – A Few Best Practices for You!

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Web Push notifications are something everyone who has ever used a mobile app is familiar with. Web push notifications function in the same way. The only difference being that they are pushed from the mobile web or desktop web. The notifications are sent whether the user has the website in question open or not. This revolutionizes the marketing strategy for the website. Businesses can now remind their users of their products without using obtrusive pop-ups, often ignored emails or spending on releasing an app.

Important aspects of web push notifications

Web push notifications send their notifs through a web push code. Which can be installed and customized according to the needs of the website in question. A well-designed web push notification will include the following elements:

  • Title – This can simply be the name of the brand or the purpose of the message sent.
  • Content – The information which needs to be sent. The shorter, the better!
  • URL – The website domain is crucial so that users can recognize the brand.
  • Icon – Preferably of the brand so that it can be recognizable
  • Icon (Browser) – Room needs to be made for this as it non-negotiable or removable on the Apple desktop. It also has the advantage of letting the user know the origin of the notification.

These elements can change depending on a users’ browser or system, so it is important to keep each part simple to prevent overcrowded or poorly designed Web Push Notifications – A Few Best Practices for You!notifications.

When giving the customer an opportunity to opt-in to your push notifications, make sure to do so unobtrusively. For example, a simple dialogue – in the corner – opens after the user has been on the website for a while. Being very flashy with the ask can turn users off from opting in. Asking too soon, before the user has had anin-app opportunity to assess the website, can also cause them to say no.

A Few of the Best Martech Platforms for Push Notifications

A few tools that can be extremely handy for implementing seamless web push notifications on your website:


A market leader in the industry, OneSignal offers entry-level prices at $0/month for 10,000 web and unlimited mobile push subscribers. It has further options available for in-app messaging, SMS, and email. Allowing you to consolidate all customer communication into one place. This makes it particularly functional for the rapid scalability of audiences. A particular boon for small businesses. Currently, OneSignal is catering to a million different companies and sends out 8 billion messages a day! It is a tried and tested method of integrating customer communication into your marketing methodology.

It is made even easier to use because it has an open API, provides free accounts, has extensive documentation for every action taken, analytics tools to gauge the effectiveness of each message, and the ability to easily personalize the plan to your needs.


WebEngage, like any platform made to assist with customer communication, comes with several methods of ad campaigning. What makes it unique is its automation suite, templates to allow you to fast track your campaign as you learn the ropes. The platform provides support for mobile push notifications, email, SMS, on-site messages, web push notifications, in-app messages, IVR, WhatsApp, etcetera. It provides further support for analytics as well. Excellent for scalability and adding new approaches to your business communications.

WebEngage is currently working with over 300 business customers globally, in various industries like eCommerce, Edtech, Fintech, Gaming, Financial Services, Foodtech, Travel, Transportation, and many more.


AiTrillion provides marketing automation powered by Artificial Intelligence. It has an entry-level price of $0/month specifically aimed at small businesses.

AiTrillion works based on SaaS, enabled by Artificial Intelligence, to make an all-in-one marketing platform. The platform is particularly suited to eCommerce sellers. Aside from its customer engagement channels, it has an integrated analytics system built for the eCommerce industry. Additionally, its design to be used in 175+ countries to enable you to have the most streamlined global marketing campaigns.

Some of AiTrillion’s most prominent features include web push notifications, email marketing, automated loyalty rewards programs, affiliate marketing, an AI-powered workflow, automated smart pop-ups, an announcement bar, an AI chatbot, and AI Predictions.

Push notifications when used appropriately can boost the user experience. What are some of the best practices that you follow?

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