Traffic Techniques That Remain Reliable

When it comes to traffic techniques there are an endless supply of techniques traffic techniquesthat you’ll likely have recommended to you. But how does one know which traffic techniques are the best to use. Well, if you are new to building traffic to your site, we recommend you start with some of the traffic techniques that remain reliable, month after month, year after year. Later, you can always do a little more exploring. So let’s get started.

1. YouTube
Upload a video that contains valuable content or information, show your face so your audience knows who you are, and you’ll enjoy the benefits of YouTube. This is one of the strongest traffic generators available to you. People want to see your face – they feel more connected, like they are actually interacting with you, and when you do your video keeping your keywords in mind you can really increase the value.

2. Forum Posting
This is yet another fantastic way to build traffic to your website, and it never loses its power. Sign up at some forums that are relevant to your market. Start posting – answer questions, ask questions, engage in some open dialogues. Have a catchy signature line with the link back to your website. Works every time, so get busy reaping the benefits.

3. Facebook
With more than 500 billion active members Facebook remains the largest social networking site. There are all kinds of ways to promote your website using Facebook. What you should not do is promote directly on your friends’ walls, or your followers’ walls. Use Facebook to build trust and engage your followers in a way that’s interesting and then lead back to your site.

4. Articles
The use of articles remains a powerful source to generate traffic. You will need to be creative, and for heaven’s sake don’t just rewrite someone elses content. Create your own fresh ideas that are interesting and engaging and make sure you understand how to use keywords to maximize your benefits.

There you have four tried and trued methods to generate traffic to your website that continue to work time and time again. These are traffic techniques you can rely on and that makes them an excellent place to start. As you become more adept at using traffic building tools and understanding how they work, you can expand your tools and grow your traffic even more. Remember, once you get them to your website you need to effectively close the sale and turn that targeted traffic into paying customers.

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