Ace Affiliate Marketer and Founder of Verd Media Tamas Boruah on His Best Tips for Affiliate Marketer

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Tips for Affiliate Marketer as they begin their journey.

The aforementioned quote is true to the spirits of someone who walks on the path to gain excellence online, there are many who have ambition but there are very few who can arrive in the vehicle called persistence. Tamas Boruah is that king of the digital marketing space who has arrived with much glory.

This journey has been trudged by him with the persistence and a will to make it big, he entered the realm of digital marketing when the exact information was scarce and it was a growing avenue, today he is the founder to an exceptionally reliable and trusted digital marketing company called Verd Media, which was the dream company of Mr Boruah, located in Koramangala Bangalore.

Driven by a passion to grow and expand his business to indomitable heights, Tamas has mastered the art of blogging, SEO, Affiliate marketing, social media marketing and many more, with this profound knowledge, he has generated handsome revenue and continues this streak with Verd Media.

Tamas Boruah stresses on the fact that he has been in the digital marketing industry since 2013, but it was only when he begun affiliate marketing by the end of 2017, that he realized that this avenue has a large scope. Here are his tips for affiliate marketer.

Tips for Affiliate MarketerIn Conversation With Ace Affiliate Marketer and Founder of Verd Media Tamas Boruah on His Best Tips for Beginners

On being asked, what are his top tips to ace a affiliate marketing blog, Tamas Boruah says, “I believe one of the most important aspects in the affiliate world is to first build the trust of your target audience by dedicating your entire content on an affiliate blog towards that niche, for anyone to buy products from your links, you first have to give them that quality of information that they trust you, the focus should also be on selecting good products, if you try to sell anything and the users buy it and find it not that useful or worthy, they will never come back to your page again, they will continue to make purchases through your links only when the content provides them value and is trustable with good quality”, says Tamas Boruah.

Tamas also believes that an effective digital marketer is that person who can sense the needs of its audience and can tailor messages accordingly, certainly, with these bits of information from the CEO of an all solutions digital marketing company, it will go a long way in boosting the affiliate marketing endeavors of beginners.


Once you have built the trust with your target audience, as an affiliate marketer you need good products to promote so you can earn affiliate commissions. When researching which products to promote be sure to see if they have a sales funnel. A sales funnel is where after the front end product is purchased they buyer is then sent through the sales funnel of upgraded offers. As an affiliate you will receive a commission on each upgraded offer that is purchased. This is where the higher affiliate commissions come into play.

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