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If You Are Interested in Learning Affiliate Marketing with PPC Ads, Read The Following

The #1 Advanced Affiliate Marketing Forum iAmAffiliate Premium Forum Surpasses 1350 Members

iAmAffiliate, the premium forum founded by iAmAttila, a highly successful affiliate marketer and serial entrepreneur, has hit a new milestone of 1350 active members.

Once a member of the forum, one has the opportunity to learn the secrets of affiliate marketing from iAmAttila himself. A member can also put topics and questions in front of a thousand active marketers. Everyone up-to-date with what methods and approaches work best right now. All in the field of affiliate marketing through paid advertising campaigns on Facebook, Google, Native, Push, and more.

iAmAffiliate combines the brainpower of dozens successful affiliate marketers that have many years of experience. All willing to share the exact steps and methods they used to achieve their success online.

One of the greatest assets the iAmAffiliate forum offers is the large number of up-to-date tutorials.

Followed by step-by-step guides, and follow-along campaigns. The forum currently has nearly 6,000 pieces of highly educational content.

Breaking the 1350 active members milestone, the forum became more powerful than ever. Every member can solve another one’s problem and teach him something new. Best, unlike a course that is already outdated when published, the information inside iAmAffiliate is up to date. This is very important in digital marketing as methods, policies, and what works changes rapidly from one day to the next.

iAmAffiliate is an ideal place for affiliate marketers that want to improve themselves. It also offers an opportunity to CPA Networks and SaaS Tools & Services. An opportunity to get in direct touch with marketers that actually earn a living from running paid ads campaigns. That is also a great chance for the members to experience upcoming services and products.

Inside the forum, you can find anything in the affiliate marketing spectrum. From crafting a converting landing page to funnel-building, copywriting, and campaign optimization. You can even find help with choosing a product.

“With paid ads affiliate marketing, you can scale your operation into a real business; it simply requires knowledge and taking action. iAmAffiliate can help you get that knowledge fast. Join today!”- iAmAttila

Picking up interest in the digital world in 1998, iAmAttila has walked a long way from being a designer to a blogger, to a top affiliate marketer. Now he’s a widely known owner of 7 highly successful online businesses built around digital marketing. Speaking about authority in the industry – iAmAttila has the respect of many thanks to his blunt honesty.

iAmAffiliate forum – learn from real-life affiliate marketers that actually run campaigns every day.

Inspire yourself from recent case studies and success blueprints by marketers that are happy to share their methods and tactics with you. Real people, real results.


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