6 Ways How Digital Marketing is Taking Over in this Heavily Digitised World

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Every year with more inclusion of people to the Digital Marketing or virtual world, companies and advertisers have started investing a large sum in advertising through online channels like Web sites, Emails, Apps, Social media platforms and more. As traditional marketing techniques are still important as of today, but in recent times digital marketing has become a major tool to study the consumers behaviour by using analytics of a person’s daily usage of the internet, and this enables companies and advertisers to wisely plan their digital marketing strategy and communication channels to reach their potential consumers.

Landscape of digital marketing is changing slightly every day for the better, with introductions of new technology and innovation improving Functioning, Consumer satisfaction and target oriented marketing.

Some of the major trends that have helped in the evolution of digital marketing are given below.

● Social Media Influencing

Nowadays, people who have established their reputation in a specific industry with their knowledge and credible opinions, have a large number of followers on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and are known as Social media influencers. These influencers have access to a large number of audience, and have the ability or charisma to persuade them to buy a product or service on the basis of the influencer’s recommendation. As people have more trust on word of mouth recommendation from a friend or someone they know about a product than on the advertisements of the brand itself. Likewise, hearing positive feedback or information from a social media influencer about his experience with the product or the brand, carries more weightage or reliability than any other form of marketing.

● Application of Artificial Intelligence

The use of Artificial Intelligence in digital marketing is becoming a popular and common practice these days, when we are talking about marketing strategy because of its high precision capability for analyzing regular consumer behavior and creating a more interactive and customized ecommerce experience. Some major service oriented platforms are already using artificial intelligence features to automate transactions and recommendations. Not only that, artificial How Digital Marketing is Taking Over in this Heavily Digitised Worldintelligence technology is also being employed in buying or selling of online space for advertisements and in ascertaining the target audience the advertisement should be channeled to. This extension to automation through artificial intelligence will ensure lower cost for acquiring consumers and will increase flexibility, precision and productivity of paid digital media.

● Voice Search Optimization

As voice enabled search features are becoming famous among adults and teenagers, as it saves the labour of typing and users can directly give commands to their devices by speaking. Marketers or advertisers must keep in mind to optimize and plan their strategy so that it is in tune with voice search for success in search engine optimization. This means they must incorporate longer and detailed keyword phrases to improve the accessibility and visibility of their content. With the improvement in the precision rate in voice recognition technology, there will be an increase in its use in future.

● Affiliate Marketing

It is through affiliate marketing that people are able to earn while sitting at home. All they have to do is promote someone’s product, and if a person in their network buys the product then they will earn a commission on it. An affiliate promoter acts as a marketing link between the seller and the customer. It can be one or multiple products that he/she can promote in order to generate a fair income every month. Many online platforms have started offering Affiliate Marketing and Digital Marketing courses for people who want to learn the marketing and promoting techniques. They can also join affiliate networks such as Amazon which offers one of the biggest affiliate network for consumer products.

● Automation of Consumer Service Using Chatbots

Real time chatting helps in resolving any issues faced by the consumer, companies and platforms can save a lot of money by automating their consumer service with the using Chatbots. Messaging platforms or apps are turning out to be a preferred way of caring out messaging or simple transaction services. This will not only provide a personalized consumer service, but can also address a large number of consumers at a time. With evolution in chatbot technology,

the future capabilities of businesses in terms of consumer services will help them attain a high level of efficiency and reduction in costs, delivering an improved consumer experience.

● Pay Per Click and Search Engine Optimization

Many businesses nowadays are going for an integrated Pay Per Click and Search Engine Optimisation strategy. They can easily track the number of consumers coming through paid media that are viewing their brand or visiting their website. Also, with this data they can ascertain the potential channels or paths and can strategize for better digital marketing results. Search engine optimization helps in increasing the traffic to a website. It has become important for marketers to create a well researched and great quality of content to keep attracting traffic to their content.

Digitisation is here to stay, and with the abundance of data being generated at an exponential pace, online data analyst courses have cropped up in big numbers. Marketing strategies all over the world have taken a turn to bridge the digital divide and capitalise on data science to unlock unique trends and user experiences.

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