6 Affiliate Marketing Tracking Software: Tools Overview

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Affiliate marketing tracking software is how a person, business, or organization can track products that are sold with different companies(affiliates) or persons for a commission. Affiliate marketing comes from Affinity marketing, which is gradually becoming a significant revenue source for various brands. Used by businesses to manage, track, and optimize their marketing activities, it involves sales monitoring, conversions, and clicks from affiliated websites to follow their affiliate’s performance. However, managing and tracking affiliates can be a nightmare for businesses. For utilizing the potential that affiliates bring, businesses must find reliable affiliate marketing tracking software to track and channelize activities to the right channel.

Fashion is the most popular affiliate marketing category.

Affiliate marketing tracking software is a tool that manages and optimizes tracking for affiliates. Depending on different business models, affiliate marketing tracking software manages, tracks, and promotes marketing activities accurately and timely. Affiliate marketing tracking software is responsible for tracking the number of clicks, source of origination of URL, time and location of clicks, calculating cost accordingly and much more. Some of the essential features of affiliate marketing tracking software are:

  • Real-Time Insights: A kind of dashboard that presents you with an accurate picture of clicks, sales, and leads coming from affiliates with granular tracking. From creating personalized alerts to a personal dashboard, you see what you want to see.5 Affiliate Marketing Tracking Software: Tools Overview
  • Seamless integration: With online activities getting into the limelight, seamless integration to various websites and apps play a crucial role. Performance centric APIs for both web and mobile should be capable enough of extracting data with accuracy.
  • Monitor and Management: Both organizations or individuals and their affiliates should be able to track campaign activities, including purchases and click made from affiliate links.
  • Precisely accurate: With a lot happening on GUI, especially in a small mobile screen, software should be capable of Optimizing traffic sources precisely identifying potential leads with quality to generate the highest revenue in real-time. AI integrated software provides comprehensive insights, the discovery of new affiliates, and increased scalability.
  • Safeguarding against Fraud: Quickly flagging abnormal behavior and checking fraud clicks/traffics in real-time, software should have a high-security standard to protect against fraud.Tracing Made Easy: Finding a suitable program for an organization can be a tricky task, and with an abundance of available tools providing similar functionalities, it’s like extracting droplets from the sea. However, based on the criteria, below are a few affiliating marketing tracking tools aiming to succeed soon.
    • EverFlow: Amplifying marketing performance, it’s a tool capable of transforming data into actions. With niche UI and effective data analyzing, it tracks partners the right way your business needs.
    • Voluum : A one-stop solution for all your marketing activities, it tracks everything in a single place. Voluum is an add tracker controlling different ad formats and your campaigns for optimization.
    • Post Affiliate Pro: A globally popular tool recognized as the face of affiliating marketing tracking. Known for accurate tracking and intuitive dashboards, it’s a tool managing commissions and campaigns with 170+ CMS & Payment gateways.
    • Cake: A multichannel marketing tool presenting a holistic view by collects, validates, and distributes leads in real-time. With a global presence in 50+ countries and 500+ advertisers, accurate measurement, data security, and excellent customer support are critical features of cake.
    • iDevAffiliate is one of the most user-friendly cloud-based software or self-hosted software available where people can create their affiliate programs and customize them. Mastering the art of tracking, feature-rich iDevAffiliate designed for both expert and novice users. It incorporates a built-in onboarding guide providing you a step by step guild alongside video tutorials. Becoming more and more popular every year, it has a bunch of features described below
    • Dashboard using graphs and color scheme to provide insights on lead tracking, reports, top affiliates, and commission.
    • Affiliated can integrate multiple social media accounts like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Pinterest to build their social media presence.
    • Each product/service has a different commission, making it an outstanding tool for managing different profit margins or rewarding higher commissions on specific items.
    • With more than 175+ integration of built-in shopping carts, eCommerce platforms, direct payment providers, WordPress plugins, subscription systems, and lead or landing pages, you get everything set up for you in just a single click.
    • Unique coupon code tracking that allots affiliates their unique coupons to use in their marketing campaigns. —————————————————————————————————— The affiliate marketing tracking software that I use and recommend is ClickMagick. It helps you to scientifically track and optimize all
      your marketing, all in one place and get more leads, conversions and revenues from  the same traffic you’re already getting.Here’s just some of what you can do with it …* Track your entire sales funnel, no matter how complex* Bot filtering & click fraud protection* Automated & scientific split testing* Link cloaking & click rotators* Geotargeting & mobile optimization

      * Add retargeting pixels to any click

      * Integrate with affiliate networks in seconds

      It works everywhere you advertise, and ClickMagick’s Fanatical 1-Hour support is amazing. When you need help, they respond in less than 1 hour!

      There’s nothing else like this out there. Click Here to Check Out ClickMagick —————————————————————————————————–

    • Depending on your business model and program, one affiliating marketing tracking software tool is perfect for your needs. However, easy of using software, accurate tracking, available features make ClickMagick the affiliate marketing tracking software more suitable for you.
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