Affiliate Marketing Is Still Strong in 2021

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Affiliate marketing has been around for quite a while, and businesses are starting to appreciate its benefits more and more.

This type of marketing helps companies market a product using a low budget, investing little time and effort, and getting a high return on investment, while also increasing brand awareness.

Spending on affiliate marketing has been growing by about 10% every year in the last decade, and it is projected to reach $8.2 billion in 2022.

Different Types of Affiliate Marketing Channels

First and foremost – what is affiliate marketing? In short, affiliate marketing is a strategy that can come to life in many different ways. Let’s go over some of the most common channels you can use to make money as a third-party advertiser:

Influencer Marketing

Influencers are individuals who have the power to impact the buying habits of a significant number of people, and that makes them ideal candidates for successful campaigns. They already have a large follower base, and all they need to do is direct the consumers to the seller’s products using their blog or one or more social media platforms.


Since successful bloggers have the ability to rank organically on search engines, they can also excel when it comes to increasing the sellers’ conversions. The blogger will try out the product or service, write a review that promotes it, and send the traffic to the seller’s website. Whenever the campaign results in sales, the blogger is rewarded for the effort.

Email Lists

Email marketing is another viable source of income. Many advertisers rely on email lists that they use for the sake of promoting the sellers’ products, while others rely on email newsletters that contain hyperlinks to different products that enable them to earn commission after the consumers click on it and buy the item or service.

Examples of Industries that Benefit from Affiliate Marketing

Although this advertising strategy can be embraced by almost all types of businesses, there are some industries that stand out when it comes to its benefits:

Online Casinos

Promoting casinos is tricky in most countries, but affiliate marketing has proven to be the most effective strategy, and while casinos benefit greatly from this practice, active advertisers also get a solid percentage of stable income each month in return.

This form of marketing has been so valuable that many companies found some great solutions to track and monitor the success of their marketing campaigns. For example, GiG Comply compliance software is one of the tools that can help you, as a casino provider, manage and monitor the marketing efforts of your affiliates in a simple way. With services like this, affiliate to casino cooperation works more smoothly, and benefits are seen much more clearly for both sides.

E-Commerce Brands

A total of 81% of brands include affiliate marketing in their advertising strategies. Ecommerce companies rely on this form of advertising because it helps them increase their reach faster and with more consistency. It also enables them to distribute their message to a much wider audience online than they normally would. Another attractive component of the system is the fact that brands only pay their partners after the sale has been made.

Coupon Sites

Coupon sites typically promote voucher codes and other special offers on their websites, as well as in targeted newsletters that they send out to consumers. Although such websites have been successful advertisers on their own, recently they started expanding their strategies to include influencer collaborations and in-app targeting campaigns.


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The Benefits of Being an Affiliate Marketer

Now that you know what niches support affiliate strategies, you can learn more about why being an affiliate marketer pays off:

Passive Income

It gives you a chance to make money while you sleep, instead of having to be at work in order to get paid. If you invest some time and effort in a campaign, you will see repeated returns as consumers continue to buy the product or service. You will enjoy the amazing perk of receiving money for your work long after you’ve completed it.

It is Cost-Effective

Most ways to make money online involve startup fees and a certain amount of cash flow that will keep the business going in the initial stages. On the other hand, affiliate marketing can be set up quickly and be operated at a very low cost. Starting it is pretty straightforward – there are no program fees, and no need to create and manage products.

The Rewards Are Performance-Based

While traditional jobs can even get you to work extra hours and still get the same amount of money at the end of the month, here the earnings are based on your performance and effort. You will be rewarded for the work you put in. If you perfect your reviewing skills and take time to create engaging campaigns, it will result in improvements in your revenue.

Affiliate marketing is quickly working its way to becoming one of the main aspects of many advertising strategies, mostly because of the high return that comes with it.

As the market continues to develop, the benefits of this form of advertising are becoming more apparent to businesses of all sizes, and we can expect to see a rise in companies and marketers involved in it.

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