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What Is Affiliate Funnels?


Affiliate Funnels is an affiliate marketing platform created by JP Schoeffel. JP and his team have 12 years of development experience and have launched 100s of successful affiliate campaigns(multiple 6-figure affiliate campaigns)

Affiliate Funnels gives you access to their amazing affiliate marketing platform loaded with 30 such affiliate campaigns.

With the click of a button, you will configure your funnel with your affiliate link, connect it to your list (optional but recommended) and that's it!

And these are not some quickly thrown together landing pages. You get audio, video funnels. You get conversion boosting features such as triggered optin, 1-click optin, you also get Messenger based funnel... and the list goes on. Still it's dead easy to use.

SSL Hosting Included
We host all your funnels on our highly secured servers (powered by Amazon AWS Cloud Solutions), and they come with an SSL certificate as well. It gives credibility to your funnels and makes you look like a super hero in the eyes of your prospects.

Advanced Tracking
By default, you can add those famous utm tracking parameters to your funnel links and our engines will track your traffic sources, which content generated clicks, which ads converted the best, which medium or channel is your best performing, and you don't have to setup any external tracking, not even Google Analytics. It's all in there, included for your convenience for those of you who are data driven.

Comprehensive and Extensive Reporting
We track the performance of each one of your Affiliate Funnels the number of visitors, click-through rates, conversion rates. But we don't stop there. We tell you which country converts the best, what are your best traffic sources, your best ads and channels so you don't have to guess and you can focus on making more money.

30 ready made affiliate funnels with unprecedented list building and conversion boosting features.

Such as
• completely automated multi-steps funnels
• video course funnel
• audio landing pages
• video pre-selling funnels
• review funnels
• 1-click optin funnel
• Messenger funnels
• multi-angle funnels
and the list goes on.

Check it out asap, it creates affiliate funnels that collect leads and generate commissions for you passively on autopilot.


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