3 Key Elements Of A Successful Online Business

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The 3 key elements of a successful online business are:
1. A high converting funnel
2. Authority
3. Targeted visitors (Traffic)

The final thing you need is to understand how to use email marketing to build rapport and build constant daily commissions.

Key Element 1: High Converting Funnel
The funnel needs to provide you with constant subscribers, recurring commissions and high ticket sales.

Key Element 2: Authority
Almost every successful online marketer has there own blog which is there to produce authority, subscribers and commissions. But only when done the correct way. Your blog should be laid out so it does a few important things, including:

1. Provides quality content to build you authority and trust
2. Builds you an email list and social followers
3. Creates a recurring income
4. It’s an essential asset for email marketing

Key Element 3: Targeted visitors (Traffic)
You need traffic that is going to be profitable from the get go without all the trial and error. Once you have a funnel with a good PPL then this is easy. Just get leads for less than your PPL and you will profit every time.

Free Traffic Sources
Google Plus

Paid Traffic Sources
Youtube ads
solo ads
bing ads
facebook ads
banner ads

Email Marketing
This is where you have automated emails going out at set times and days to:
1. build a relationship
2. offer value
3. promote offers – earn affiliate marketing commissions

Once these key elements of a successful online business are set up, the end result is:
1. A highly profitable funnel that makes a recurring income which grows every month
2. A blog that is building you authority, subscribers and more sales
3. Unlimited highly targeted traffic to feed your funnel which allows your business to grow very quickly
4. An email list so you can bring in more profits whenever you like

Now putting these key elements of a successful online business together will take you a lot of time and money.

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